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Online / Virtual Escape Room Games
valued at $3200 are at stake!

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UpTheGame Escape Room
Wild Goose Escape Room
Fox in a Box - Chicago
Hour Glass Escape Room
Prison Escape - Netherlands
Fuzzy Logic Escape Room - Chicago
Game Escape


What is the difference between online & physical escape rooms?

In an online escape room, the entire game takes places online.

Players log onto a video call (like a Zoom session), and then either navigate a 3D simulation or direct an actor strapped with a camera and earphones who’s present inside a physical escape room.

In a physical escape room players need to visit the actual room to take part.

The advantage of an online escape room is that the players can be at different places, yet participate.

Which games are at stake?


Go to the Entermission website.

Timeline – Save The Future – Travel back in time to locate a formula that is the only thing that can save the world in the present from collapsing into total chaos.

CIA Taskforce – Outwit The Assassin – Lead a team of CIA agents against an elusive assassin!


Wild Goose Escapes

Go to the Wild Goose Escapes website.

Framed –  Prove your friend innocent of a crime before he’s executed!

Timeline – Travel back to the ‘80’s to find a Weird Science fix that can save the world from collapsing into chaos.

CIA Taskforce – Lead a team of CIA agnts aginst an elusive assassin known as The Gamer.

Order of illusionists – Prove yourseeelves worthy of gaining entry into an exclusive society of illusionists.


Fox in a Box Chicago

Go the to Fox in a Box Chicago website.

Live Remote Bunker – Live through a 1970’s Cold War scenario as you try to avert a nuclear attack

Hourglass Escapes

Go to the Hourglass Escapes website.

Evil Dead – Can you save a colleague from The Evil Dead?

The Ghostly Galleon – Escape a ghost ship in the Bermuda Triangle!

Rise of the Mad Pharaoh – Save Dr. Carter and end the Mad Pharaoh’s reign of terror.


Prison Escape

Go to the Prison Escape website.

Prison Escape Online – Interact with guards and prisoners as you try to mastermind the perfect escape!


Fuzzy Logic Escape Room

Go to the Fuzzy Logic Escape Room website.

Superheroes – The Superhero Task Force is depending on you to save the city of Megatropolis.

Villains – Assemble the destructive plans for Megatropolis!

Playground – Prove yourselves worthy of joining the Super Kids Squad before everyone goes home!

Vet Office – Can you find out why animals have gone missing from the vet office?Saving SHerlock – 

Saving Sherlock – Help Dr. Watson prove the master detective innocent of the crime he’s beeen framed for!

Concert Quest – Can you win a VIP tour backstage at the final concert of a big shot DJ?


Go to the Gamescape website.

Saving Xmas – Can your Fellowship can track down the Gremlin and convince him that Christmas is worth saving?

Projekt XD – Lead your team of intelligence agents through the Spider Tech facility to find out what is Projekt XD.

Wonderland – Recover the magic crystals that the imps and trolls have hidden away, without which the world is becoming sadder and sadder.

Anatomy of a Crime – Find the evidence necessary to put away a feared serial killer once and for all!